Best Practice solutions

Database Support follows the best practice solutions developed by Oracle to deliver services and support to the customers.

Offered Solutions are based on individual approach to our customers. We take into consideration nature of business, database type and size, network complexity, operating systems, applications and services that are currently exploited in organization.

High Availability solutions

Our High Availability solutions utilize power of Oracle Real Application Cluster. We offer RAC systems built from scratch as cost-effective alternative to more expensive enterprise class architecture.

Implementation of Data Guard technology linked to RAC or to standalone servers provides High Availability and extra protection to critical corporate data.

High Technology solutions

Experts of Database Support are proficient in all areas of database administration and they are capable to provide effective solutions for maintenance, performance tuning, monitoring, troubleshooting, backup and deployment of Oracle databases.

We implement Oracle leading technological solutions for every client and project. Oracle Streams along with snapshot replication mechanism are used to populate data warehouses and reporting systems as an efficient way of data replication. Automated RMAN cloning and Data Pump utility became traditional methods of database and schemas replication.

Internally developed monitoring system using mobile devices has become a routine technology in Database Support. It allows to get a real time status of mission critical databases on mobile devices without compromising enterprise security.

24x7 Monitoring solutions

While working on some projects we often spend much efforts providing real time monitoring of databases availability and performance. It seems to be an important part of our daily routine work as both availability and performance are extremely crucial to our clients. You can't imagine a successful business with compromised access to their vital online resources.

Our monitoring is a mostly proactive tool rather than reactive. We try to anticipate possible complications and adjust required system and database parameters that could potentially affect databases before they actually hit the limit or bring a harm to the system. Some of such processes as tablespace usage are slowly developed but some of them are rapidly arising like blocking sessions and a preventive action has to be taken right away.