Consulting Services

Database Support helps customers to maintain and operate complex database environments by providing consulting services for Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL databases.

Our services are primarily addressed to companies which decided to reduce their on-going database support cost by delegating part or entire DBA responsibilities to consulting companies.

We don't impose our clients extra services and happy to provide support as they actually need. The clients can choose exact amount of our resources, from part-time DBA work till full outsourcing of their Oracle environment.

Full Management Service

With our full management service we take care of everything to successfully run your database driven applications.
We install, deploy and support entire application environment including database, middle tier and web servers.

Offered full management service includes but not limited to
  • Hosting of database and application servers
  • 24x7 proactive monitoring of availability and performance
  • Maintenance of databases and operating systems
  • Reliable backup and efficient DR procedure
  • Patching, upgrade and optimization
  • Assisting clients in data and application customization

Oracle DBA Support

Our senior level Oracle DBAs are able to provide on-site support services and assist clients in projects implementation. The majority of the time our Oracle experts are also available for on-call support with short notice.

Areas of expertise include
  • Oracle database troubleshooting
  • Disaster recovery and restoration
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Deployment, installation and upgrade
  • Real Application Cluster and Data Guard configuration
  • RMAN backup and Data Pump implementation
  • Oracle Streams and Snapshot data replication
  • Oracle Grid Control setup and configuration

SQL Server Database Support

SQL Server DBAs of Database Support perform remote and on-site support services to manage mission critical SQL Server databases. We provide efficient real time monitoring and proactive tuning to make sure that database and application response adequately during peak user loads.

SQL Server DBA support includes
  • Installation, deployment and upgrade
  • Setup, configure and monitor backup routines
  • Import and export data on demand
  • Managing server security and permissions
  • Monitoring database availability and performance
  • Providing database and SQL tuning
  • Resource management and capacity planning