Outsourcing DBA Services

Outsourcing of DBA services is a flexible and cost efficient way to manage your complex database environment by remotely connected team of seasoned DBA.

Why you may need outsourcing?

If you don't have a DBA in your staff leaving your precious data without control and constant monitoring by professionally trained specialists is dangerous not even for data but business. In spite of well configured and setup database software may serve you for a while without any issues but suddenly it may get corrupted or miss functioned. Neglecting regular database maintenance and support may result in serious consequences to your business.

Even though you have your own DBA, wouldn't you have to provide vacation and sick days, encourage them to wear pager and respond during off hours? Upgrading skills of your technical staff is another headache for operation manager. Combining work on outstanding projects and routine tasks like backup and monitoring is a problem for project manager. You will be free of those problems because you utilize exactly and only such amount of resources that you actually need.

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What we actually do for you?

Depends on SLA with particular client our DBA connects to company's database via an appropriate secured connection to perform scheduled maintenance or to resolve arisen issues. If client chooses 24x7 Monitoring our technical staff is informed in advance about possible critical conditions that allows DBA on duty to act pro-actively and resolve problem before it may affect system performance or availability.
With any SLA type we take under control at least service availability, resource usage, backup implementation, production performance, scheduled processes and growing trends. Other options like reporting, data replication, auditing, real time monitoring are chosen depends on company needs.

Benefits of ordering outsourcing DBA services from Database Support Inc.

Offered DBA services is cost effective solution to keep your databases and applications running smoothly around the clock. We don't impose on our clients neither contract obligations nor excessive services. You will take our DBA support exactly in such amount as you require today for a fraction of the cost of a full-time resources that you might not really need.

We don't off-shore any part of our work. All support routines are provided by our local senior level DBAs and System Administrators. Moreover we do prefer deal with clients who we can meet in person time to time. It not only provides us possibility to build stronger relationships with the client but also help us to perform our services more efficiently by properly addressing all issues to the right person or resource.

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