Efficient Monitoring of Databases and Operating Systems

One of biggest complexity of database monitoring is that monitoring tool by itself becomes slowly even not responsive at all when a database experiences major performance issues. That is actually the moment when you need monitoring more. Due to our long-term practice we could select the right tool which is more or less free from such drawback as its agent codes are written on C and have very low foot prints. We found that Zabbix enterprise monitoring solutions can be effectively adopted to monitor both Oracle databases and underlying operating systems where Oracle is running on.

In some cases we use in-house built agentless monitoring tool Control Manager that doesn't bring any overhead to Operating System. It is mostly used as a graphical interface to run collection of pre-configured monitoring scripts.

The last but not the least, our monitoring tools don't require an additional vendor license fees to run against Oracle databases like many others do.

We provide monitoring of supported databases and operating systems in a few different levels. Depending on requirements, priorities and budget clients can choose monitoring based on agentless approach or using agents installed in monitored servers. None of them require extra licenses and/or software cost. Monitoring data can be accessible via company intranet, wide Internet and mobile devices.

Alerts and notifications can be sent to both company staff and Database Support technicians. According to SLA and proposed action plans our senior level DBA and System Administrators can follow up critical alerts are coordinate that with company personal.

Few levels of support provide the most efficient way of monitoring mission critical databases and systems

Support Level24/7 monitoringBusiness hours responseExtended hours and weekend response 24/7 responseAvailabilityPerformanceActivityRAC Data GuardStreams or MV replication

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